Next Rosemead City Council Meeting -- 8pm Tuesday, May 8

The agenda for that meeting has been posted on the city website.  A link is also provided below:

The new single-family residential design guidelines (We'll call this the "Anti-Ugly House Ordinance) is on first on the agenda.

The rest of the agenda is quite long, so I would expect this meeting is going to run pretty late.

Ordinance continued to next meeting

The council reached consensus on the fence height issue (keep it at four feet for front-yard fences, and no ban on chain link), but did not consider final passage of the full ordinance.


The full ordinance (without the changes agreed to last night) is available on the Rosemead website,  The link to the ordinance and the design standards is right there on the front page.  It is a serious attempt to address the issue of mansionization, and it's unfortunate that political opportunists have taken what should be part of the boring but important work of governing and turned it into an effort to scare our city's residents and whip them into a frenzy, all so that they could pretend to be looking out for our interests.  Because, keep in mind who's paying for this demagoguery:  Wal-Mart.


And, to paraphrase a line from Star Trek V:  "What does Wal-Mart need with a fence ordinance?"


Obviously, they've got no corporate stake (pardon the pun) in the decision about how tall a front yard fence might be.  They're just using this as part of their four-year long scare and smear campaign to try to bully Rosemead residents into electing them a city council that will give them everything they want.  Don't fall for their lies and distortions.