Utility Taxes

A week or so ago, I came across an interesting letter in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.  It was written by the city manager of Covina, and, at least for now, can be read here:


I found it interesting because I seem to recall seeing fire and library charges on my property tax bill.  Also, when I look up my voting districts on www.lavote.net I also see that I live in both a fire protection tax district and a library services tax district.  I'll have to check my property tax bill more carefully, but it sure seems like the claim of "no local taxes" for Rosemead was never true to begin with.  I feel embarrassed for letting them get away with that.  They should be embarrassed for lying to us like that.

Utility Taxes

I don't think a city can, or should run without local taxes. Really, what's the point? To try and pay for everything with the sales tax money sent back from Sacto?

Ohhh, yeah, I guess that's what they were saying.