A Lesson in "Every Vote Counts!"

You often here the refrain that "every vote counts."  And, every now and then, we find proof of this maxim.  This past March, this lesson was reiterated in Temple City, our neighbor to the north.  I've linked to a Los Angeles Times (free registration required to read) and a San Gabriel Valley Tribune article on that election:



The short version:  Once the ballots were counted, it turned out it was a tie for the third and final seat on the city council.  Unless a city has adopted another procedure for breaking ties, state law says the winner is determined "by lot."  Practically-speaking, that means a coin toss to break a two-way tie.  (I'm not sure how they break a tie if three or more candidates are tied--I know in Nevada, they cut cards, high card wins--REALLY!).  The incumbent, Arrighi, called tails.  The coin came up heads.  Vizcarra wins!

Obviously, had even one more person cast a ballot for either of these two candidates, there would have been no coin toss.

So, two lessons:  First:  "Every vote counts."  Second:  "If you're in a coin toss, 'heads' beats 'tails' all the time."  ;-)

A Lesson in "Every Vote

If there are only 20 votes in your precinct, then one vote is 5% of the precinct. If there are only 100 votes, then one is 2.5%. Wow, huh?