See's Candy

You know, about six weeks ago, I was trying to catch up on my pile of newspapers.  The pile builds because I often subscribe to both the Los Angeles Times and San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and I frequently don't have time to read them until the weekend.

As I went through one day's pile, I came across an insert for See's Candy, suggesting what a wonderful holiday gift they make.  And, just like that, I was reminded of David Perea.

I couldn't believe that it was a year previous that I bought a handful of little See's candy boxes from David as part of a fundraiser.

I don't know if I mean I can't believe so much much has happened since then, or that so little time has gone by since his passing.

He was one heck of a guy.  Worked harder than anyone.  And he was a leader.  If he thought someone was taking themself too seriously, he'd bring 'em back to earth.  If he thought someone wasn't pulling their load, he let them know it.  And not in a harsh way.  He usually managed to shame the offender into doing what they knew they should be doing, anyway.

Just thought I'd share what I am reminded of now, every time I see a box of See's candy.