Please vote YES to recall Jay Imperial.  Then vote for Polly Low.


Then, vote YES to recall Gary Taylor.  Then vote for Victor Ruiz.


You need to mark your ballot at FOUR different spots to get the change Rosemead so richly deserves.


Also, pleased be advised that some polling places have changed.  Check the back of your sample ballot to confirm your polling place.  Also, many of our supporters should have had a door hanger placed and at least one mailer sent that also had their polling place.  I would also hope that signs have been posted in multiple languages at common voting places directing you to the one being used for this election. 

Election goes VERY badly

Unoffical results are available here:


The most interesting thing, from our perspective, is that Polly Low received 245 more votes for city council than there were YES votes to recall Jay Imperial.  Obviously, we did not do enough to teach Rosemead how a recall election works.

Incidentally, Polly got 1,906 votes as a write-in candidate in March 2005. With her name on the ballot, we should have been able to get her a lot more than 73 more votes. I don't think we fully succeeded in activiting our base.