It's spelled, C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S, you illiterate boobs!

Rosemead Sock Puppets Against the Recall, also known as "No on Rosemead Recall," sent out another mailer last week.


This one included separate letters, signed by Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor.  The content of the letters, yet again, makes me laugh.  No need to go point-by-point, because I think we've rebutted all their claims already.  But I did need to note that our esteemed mayor misspelled "congratulations" in his letter.  Twice.  In CAPITAL LETTERS!  I suppose this proves that he actually did write this letter on a typewriter.  Either that, or he just doesn't know how to use spell check.  What's even funnier is that these technological troglodytes want to claim that THEY were behind our city finally getting a website.  LOL!


Mr. Imperial also had some problem with his syntax.  He doesn't know the difference between "Supervisors" and "Supervisor's."  Here's a hint, Jay:  The former refers to a multiple number of supervisors.  The latter is possessive, as in "the supervisor's hat."


I suppose this makes me sound like an elitist.  I just think that if you want to run a city, you should at least be able to write a coherent one-page letter.  And, if you can't, you should have the good sense to have a friend give it a quick once over so you don't embarrass yourself in front of all those voters.  I mean, jeez!  It's ONE page.  You're printing it out, so you've got the chance to proofread it.  It's not like reading off a computer screen, where mistakes are much easier to miss.  So that's the Imperial-Taylor record:  Thirty years of illiteracy on city council.  As Dan "Potatoe" Quayle once said:  "A mind is a terrible thing to lose.  Or never to have had."

finally, a website

Finally, they got a website!  After how many years?  Will they post city council agendas on it before the meetings, like Santa Monica has done since the 1980s (they got a bbs back then).  They should put up copies of the General Plan, like other cities do. 

I noticed they also redesigned the city newsletter so it looks more contemporary.  I'm already nostalgic for the duo-chrome one on expensive coated paper.  It reminded me of my younger days, in the 1990s.

Agenda posted the day before

The agenda typically doesn't get posted until the day before the meeting.  You'd think they could get it posted 72 hours ahead, since that's when they're supposed to have the hard copies posted around the city.  But, no.


The general management plan is not posted because our "management" plan hasn't been reviewed in something like thirty years (perhaps not coincidentally, about as long the current illiterate duo have been in office).