E-Mail from "Wake Up Wal-Mart"

Ed S. forwarded this message to me.  I'm posting it on his behalf.


Dear Edward,

In the midst of a public relations quagmire, sluggish sales, declining worker morale, and problems breaking into new demographic and socio-economic markets, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott announced today he is taking a month long "vacation."

A month long vacation for the CEO of the largest retailer in the world is highly unusual, totally unprecedented and raises serious questions about whether or not this is the beginning of the end for Mr. Scott's troubled tenure as Wal-Mart's CEO.

Personally, I don?t know how Lee Scott sleeps at night. Could you sleep knowing 775,000 of your employees have no company health care or 1 out of every 2 children of your employees is uninsured or on public assistance?

We can't sleep either, and hundreds of thousands of Americans are joining with us to wake up Wal-Mart and change Wal-Mart into a responsible and moral corporation.

Let's keep the pressure on. Help us build an army of 1 million Americans working everyday to change Wal-Mart.

Please sign up at least one friend to our campaign today:


Next week, Wal-Mart will host a two-day event for all of the local, state and national media who cover Wal-Mart. The company is going to try and spin reporters into believing Wal-Mart is changing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here?s the reality:

1) Wal-Mart workers are calling us everyday to tell us there is ?chaos? in the stores as the company slashes labor costs by replacing full-time employees with part-time workers.

2) Wal-Mart?s health care crisis continues to get worse. Workers are losing benefits as their hours get cut and, now, Wal-Mart fails to provide company health care to 775,000 of its employees.

3) Morale is at an all-time low.

Now, more than ever, we need to turn up the heat on Wal-Mart to change. Your efforts are putting Wal-Mart on the defensive, changing consumers' minds and even forcing the CEO to take a break.

Let's keep the pressure on. Sign up at least one friend to our campaign today:


Thank you for all that you do,

Paul Blank

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