Q&A on "The Funeral for Democracy"

I've attached [in Word format] a handout I prepared for the February 7, 2006 protest, "Funeral for Democracy."  Figured as long as I have this stuff laying around, I might as well post them.  The protest is long-done, but the issue remains.

This protest was the first of three demonstrations we held during the month of February.  Around 60 people participated for at least part of the protest.  As with all of our protests, it was peaceful.  But we did have a mock coffin to dramatize the death of democracy in Rosemead.  We stood with our signs on Valley Blvd, in front of Rosemead City Hall, and reminded our neighbors that February 7 was supposed to be our election day.  It's the day that Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor should have been kicked out of office, and the day that the people of Rosemead would finally take back control of their city.  It's the day that Rosemead would finally enter the 21st Century.

I just can't get over how cavalierly our opponents feel about an election being cancelled.  The rules were changed on us three months after we turned in those petitions, our own mayor takes his city to court so that he won't have to stand in a recall election, and a federal judge, with one swing of the gavel, disenfranchises an entire city.  All to protect Jay Imperial, Gary Taylor and Wal-Mart from the will of the people.

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