Small story on Cable television

Crown City News produces a weekly local newscast for area cable.  They had a short story about the continuing battle against Wal-Mart in Rosemead on February 13.

The Wal-Mart spokesperson just couldn't help telling another lie, however.  He says a Rosemead Chamber of Commerce poll said 61% of Rosemead residents support a Rosemead.

But it wasn't a chamber of commerce poll, it was a Wal-Mart poll.  They pay for the poll, they write the questions, they do the sample selection--and we're supposed to be impressed when their own poll reports that people love them?  HA!

And they still haven't released the actual questions asked in the poll, or the order of the survey's questions.

Bottom line:  If they really believed that the majority of the people in Rosemead wanted a Wal-Mart, they'd have put this on the ballot, or let the recall election go forward.  But they didn't, and they did not because they know full well what would  happen if we ever got a chance to vote on this issue.

McCall also claims that small businesses like being able to open near a Wal-Mart because it will attract shoppers to their stores.  But, guess what?  There is no place near the proposed Wal-Mart where a small local business could open, even if McCall weren't just blowing smoke.  There are no retail-zoned properties within 1/2 mile of the proposed Wal-Mart site.  And there's no vacant retail-zoned property nearby for any new expansion.

Jay Imperial, Gary Taylor, Mike Lewis, Steven Ly, and, now Kevin McCall.  Apparently, accepting Wal-Mart money turns people into pathological liars.

That's the last time I saw David Perea

On Friday, February 10, 2006, I drove down to the corner of Delta and Rush to meet with the crew from Crown City News.  I had talked with David the day before, to try to arrange for a few of the local teachers to come to talk to the news folks.  So, along with a number of other SOC activists, we chatted in the shade of those trees on the south side of Rush Street while the cable folks shot their various interviews.

On Monday night, David called my house, trying to find the channel where this segment was supposed to be aired.  I wasn't home from work, yet, so he talked to my wife.  I didn't bother calling him back, because I figured I'd be seeing him the next day, at the city council meeting.  I'd tell him then to tune in to channel 3 at 6pm on Wednesday.

He used to drive a big SUV.  I'm not sure how to describe the color.  Greyish-blue, or bluish gold, or something, I'll say.  When ever I see one of those drive by, I still half expect Dave to roll down the window and holler at me.