Is Administration next in the dismantling of Garvey?

At the last Board Meeting on May 10th, quietly behind closed doors, the School Board decided to fire two Assistant Superintendents. There are only 4. Of course they won't announce which two of the four are gone. They haven't even told the people who were fired.

I guess it is not just the teachers that cause a threat to Dr. Johnson's power. Half her cabinet is headed out the door on June 30th.

Soon there will be nobody to keep her in check. But by then there may be nobody left who cares.

Administrator Released

Garvey School District's Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Mike Coughlin is one of the administrators who has been released from his contract. I find it very interesting that the administrator who has been touting Dr. Johnson's gloom and doom budget forecast is being released. One has to question why. Has Dr. Johnson been making him dance to her tune all this time holding the prospect of keeping his job over his head? Did he not meet her expectations for sufficiently scaring everyone with his forecast for the future budget? Could it all be a sham? Could Dr. Johnson be scamming the staff and parents about the budget? Will we ever know the truth? Who will Dr. Johnson hire to replace Mike? Perhaps a crony from Arizona? I hope you're all asking yourselves these same questions.