I hope that the conversation with "Garvey Parents" about Garvey District is allowed to continue. As a board member, I appreciate input from parents and I would like a chance to set the record straight when misinformation is given to parents. For 28 years I have been open to comments - and, yes, criticisms - from constituents. That's why I have my phone number listed in the phone book and I ALWAYS sign my comments on the internet. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with all Garvey parents who posted on this site their issues. You can call me at home, e mail me - contact me in any way you want, and I'll be glad to discuss the issues with you. You don't even have to tell me your name, if you choose to do so. I only ask that our exchange is civil and no finger pointing or casting blame on unnamed sources. I hope to hear from you soon.

Bob Bruesch, Garvey Board Member

Concerns & Conflict of Interest

Garvey School Parents are concerned that as an Elected Official that is supposed to be representing the community and Garvey School District parents - Bob Bruesch is instead representing the Unions and Friends who are benefiting from our tax payer dollars. His votes on the Board are not taking into account education at all nor the community but instead his personal friends he has made during his long history at Garvey. He could care less if the School District goes bankrupt in the next couple of years as long as his buddies are squeezing and wringing out every last dollar they can take the district for. There is much talk about conflict of Interest. I think the person who has the biggest conflict of interest on the Board is Bob Bruesch as all of his friends are working there. That makes for his decisions being based on keeping those friendships and relations alive and not on the best interest of the school district or it's students education. Bob should just step down and let Jason Otis or someone else who can make better common sense decisions and not decisions based on self interest.

Concerned Parents