Let's just throw away the First Amendment

The "United Parents of Garvey School District" feels Mr. Saulino should not be allowed to speak at Board meetings. What a ludicrous proposition.

1. This is America. The public is allowed to address publicly elected officials during their public meetings.
2. Mr. Saulino has been involved in Garvey School District activities since before most "Garvey Parents" were born.
3. The District acknowledges Mr. Saulino's importance as a community member. The District appointed him to one of the bond measure oversight committees as a member of the community. He sits on the committee now. If the Garvey School District officially recognizes Mr. Saulino as an informed community member, who are the "United Parents of Garvey School District" to argue the point?

From what authority do "United Parents of Garvey School District" derive the right to silence others?

To read more and see what is trying to be covered up visit: http://www.thetruthaboutgarvey.com/

Mr Saulino Is the Man

As a parent you really dont know Mr.Saulino.He was present of the GEA for many years.He retired a couple years ago and is supported by all of us.You really are not looking at Dr.Johnson and Janet Chan.She gained her votes by absentee ballots which she send her leaders from house to house to get them to sign and turn it in and when the vote came she won. She is Dr.Johnson's let slave who she control.Know one realizes her dangerous manipulation.Janet if stick to Dr.Johnson dont expect to go any higher in government.Judy Chu is a woman of honesty you have been taking money from John Yuen.Don't be suprised that the DA talks to you and wants to know how you get your funding.Dr.Johnson will burn you and save her own ass before she lose control.So think before act.See you May 10

Garvey Teacher doesn't know Mr. Saulino

Mr. Saulino thinks he can buy everything just because he has the money. Well he may have bought one Board Member - Bob Bruesch who will believe and do everything Mr. Saulino tells him. Mr. Saulino is upset because he thought he owned the Board, and as it turns out he does not and that is why he is taking it out on everyone who disagrees with him or votes in opposition to his opinion. If only he was a Board Member, he maybe could have his way. Mr. Saulino has financed his own campaign against Janet Chin, John Yuen, and pro new comer Jason Otis to oust Janet this past election but all have failed. He took his money and instead of going to Vegas in which his odds may have been better, he bet on Garvey and lost. We don't need people who try and buy Politicians like Mr. Saulino playing with the children's education and future.

This is about the message

Don't lose sight of the message because you don't like the messenger.

Legitimate questions have been asked of M. Janet Chin. I hope she answers them, so we can move on to more important issues, like the education of our students.

Legitimate Questions

Mr. Saulino did have a legitimate question of which he already has his answer. If a classroom is being used then it should be billed and paid. If my understanding is correct,the playground and field are free to use, that means there should be no charge and should not be billed. Nothing to debate or discuss. We should be asking why Mr. Saulino cost the district $17,000 for not doing his job. He is just upset because he's losing his outside influence, power and control of the school district he thought he owned.

From March 29, 2012 Board Meeting

It is recommended that the Board of Education ratify payment to the Trust Fund
of the Learning Rights Law Firm for settlement of an agreement with the Garvey
School District in the amount of $17,000.