Animal Control

When Rosemead decided to do some of their own animal control activities in lieu of contracing with the county, I was skeptical. In fact, I'm still skeptical, thinking this is really an attempt to get more dog license revenue rather than to "save" money. Nonetheless, other cities are looking at the same move.

Not just about money

While I will readily concede the possibility that getting that license revenue may have been as big (or bigger) of a motivation as saving on the contracting fees, it isn't that simple. The reality is that, leading up to the change, there were A LOT of people - including me and a couple of people I know very well - complaining about how awful Baldwin Park/County's service was, and bugging Council to make the change. At the time, the Humane Society in San Gabriel was also floated as a possible alternative, but they weren't and still aren't in a financial and operational position to add us to their list. If and when that changes, I think the City will likely take another look at things and contract with them, because I have never gotten the impression that the program the City set up was intended to be a permanent thing. They don't have the infrastructure for that, and seem to be in no hurry to create it.