Family Gets Ripped Off at Wal Mart

I was looking at the Yelp reviews for Wal Mart (only 2.5 stars!) and came across this one:


The Discounted Prices on the Price Tags differ from the Prices Displayed at Check Out Registers.

My elderly parents were at the Watmart at Rosemead on Friday, December 30. At Check Out, they were told to pay $17.99 for a pair of pants with a $15.99 Price Tag, and $3 for a towel with a $2 Price Tag.

They were told that the Prices shown at Check Out Registers are the correct prices because Walmart did not have the time to change the price tags on their merchandise.


I wish I could write a response, but it's Yelp. Anyway, if the price on the shelf and tag don't match, aren't they supposed to go with the price on the tag?

More online fun

OK, so if you read the other reviews, they're mostly horrible. The good reviews come from shopaholics. That's like getting a good wine review from a wino.

But what's really fun to see is this page - google reviews on google maps:

There are some great reveiws there, but if you click on the names, you will see that some aren't even residents of the area, or have only one review. Google maps doesn't review their reviewers.