Asian and Latino Environmentalist

I mentioned this article a few days ago.

It's somewhat surprising to me, especially for Latinos. Historically, environmentalism has been seen as the purview of the wealthier and more highly educated. That obviously doesn't apply to Latinos in general (and to some categories of Asians). That's why I think it's a little odd that Sahagun (the author of the LA Times article) to say that "The survey's findings are no surprise to environmental organizations."

I suppose it's possible that's what they told him. And it may even be that their most recent surveys show (as Sahagun says they show) that Latinos and Asians are more environmentally oriented."

I definitely believe the environmental groups have been reaching out to the Asian and Latino communities because they realize their traditional base of support (wealthier, better educated whites) is a rapidly shrinking minority in California. But for how long have they known how fertile the Asian and Latino populations would be to their entreaties? Not very long, I think.

That means the story is definitely news (and I suppose the LA Times must also believe it's news, or they wouldn't have printed the story). It's unexpected, and it definitely bodes well for the future of California environmental groups and California environmental laws.

I think in LA, "environmental

I think in LA, "environmental justice" has become a big issue in the past 10 years. I think LA has been moving toward EJ for a while. More to the point, the EJ activists have been able to deliver voters and political power in the Southland, and in these areas, whites are split between the enviros in both parties, and pro-business Republicans.

The SGV has birthed some EJ activists like Angelo Logan. Local politicos have made environmental issues important, too: Solis and Chu have strong enviro voting records.

Also, in the Baldwin Hills, there's been a African American enviro push - and I think that enviro issues are becoming part of the agenda, particularly green jobs.

The enviro-civil-rights link could be very powerful.