Video Tells Latinos Not to Vote


What's sad is that the guy who edited the video (see the video's author) also did an SB 1070 video (anti 1070) and is a Latino.

If an African American did this, a bunch of older folks would be at this guy's door to raise a protest.

If an Asian American did this, there'd be some kind of viral online protest against the guy :)

Now here he is, in LA, we're dealing with BS like Bell and Vernon, and even Rosemead. There are two big civil rights movements today - immigration reform, and gay rights - and he's taken a big crap on the former. And with a group that traditionally has pathetically low, not very organized voter turnout.

Race baiting. It ran in

Race baiting. It ran in Nevada for a while, where the Republicans figure even a slight depression in Latino voters could be enough to push Angle over Reid.

SGV Opinion Piece

Haha, Navarette has to

Haha, Navarette has to backpedal from his prior editorial.

A guy who doesn't understand about what politicians thing about non-voters. (They don't think about them much.)