Trader Joe's

Is, of course, NOT coming to Rosemead. But they did get a cover story in Fortune Magazine. Read it here.

The story makes clear why Trader Joe's isn't coming to Rosemead any time soon. Their first two East Coast locations were Brookline and Cambridge in Massachusetts. I've never lived anywhere close to Brookline or Cambridge, but I know enough to know Rosemead isn't in the same league. I also know Rosemead will never be in the same league as long as the delusional "Rosemead is small town America" crowd is in charge.

Great link

Yes, small town America as a suburb of the largest metropolitan area in the United States. LULz.

TJs could kind of make it in the area. The Montebello Costco basically aims at a similar economic strata. The cultural aspect is different, though. TJs is more for the Volvo crowd, and Costco is more for the minivan crowd... but a lot of SOCers were driving to north San Gabriel to shop at the TJs there.

Demographers really underrate the palates of people in the SGV. If you read through Yelp, the most critical eaters in LA are from the SGV and the area south of the MTB hills. The South Bay and OC are pretty mean too.

Speaking of bagging on lame food: a lot of TJs food is not that good. I've had some nasty falafel and sushi from TJs.

Sushi in grocery stores is

Sushi in grocery stores is usually pretty awful. They keep it too cold and the rice turns mushy.

True. I like the stuff sold

True. I like the stuff sold at Ralph's, though. For packaged sushi, it's good. They make it at the deli or seafood counter, so it's usually made the same day.

(But, at Ralphs, stay away from the spring rolls. They're loose and lousy. I bet the cook specializes in sushi but not the Vietnamese rolls.)

Stay away from the "Okami" brand. Yech. It tastes like sweetend glue.

On the other hand, check this thing I found on Google: Okami Restaurant in Costa Rica.

They have a menu full of a lot of dishes you don't find in most Japanese restaurants in LA anymore... plus a lot of newer "rock and roll sushi" items.