The Next Slum?

The Next Slum? asks if the empty exurbs are the new slums.

Duh. Yeah it's happening in the IE and high desert.

What about Rosemead?

Not to sound too down on

Not to sound too down on Rosemead (and South San Gabriel), but a lot of the city is already pretty slummy. The current city council isn't doing anything that's going to change that, so I expect places like Monterey Park and Alhambra will keep moving up, while the maids and gardeners for people in Monterey Park will get priced out of those cities and forced into Rosemead or East L.A.

The Wal Mart was sold to

The Wal Mart was sold to local business types as a way to raise property values along San Gabriel.

How is that working out?


The only way to deal with the southside looking ugly is to focus on Garvey and San Gabriel.

That's funny

One might have asked northern Rosemead residents, "If Wal-Mart is going to make property more valuable, why don't you want it near your homes?"