Rosemead City Hall, May 25, 2010

And a closer view:

Kinda sad to see homeless people in Rosemead. But least we can be sure our city council members are aware of the problem!

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Yeah, it's been on the rise

Yeah, it's been on the rise in general in all suburbs the past decade. Gentrification is driving not only the sewing businesses out of downtown, but also the people who lived in welfare hotels and the people who were homeless and used the services down there.

That, plus this high unemployment is making things a lot tougher. Homelessness is way up, and I bet mental illness is taking its toll, too.

There are not a lot of safe places to sleep outdoors because the police are quicker to roust people sleeping in public.

I feel proud to live in

I feel proud to live in Rosemead: Land of the free and home of the homeless.