Governor Schwarzenegger's been very bad for California. The state is worse off now than when he took over, and a lot of that is due to stupid decisions made in his very first days in office.

Pandering to special interests (car dealers) has cost the state over $30 billion since he "cut" the vehicle license fee, plus the interest on the money he borrowed in his two years (when he said he was going to cut up the state's credit card).

Hardly surprising. He got elected by blaming "the politicians," and convincing the voters that it (everything) was Sacramento's fault. He could have used his popularity to force the state to face up to its problems rather than kicking the can down the road, one year at a time.

The saddest part is that the Republicans are still singing Arnold's song. They keep telling people their taxes have gone up (they haven't--the increase in sales tax was more than "paid for" by cuts in your federal income tax) and that "Sacramento" keeps spending more and more (It isn't--the state's general fund spending is over $20 billion less now than it was six years ago, despite the population growth and inflation that has occurred in the meantime).