Article in Asian Week

Make up your mind, Jay!

Quote from the article you linked:

"Jay Imperial, one of the councilmen on the recall petition, said attacks on him aren’t so much about Wal-Mart. 'It’s personal and it’s political,' he said."

I think this one's funny, because he's usually saying the opposite: It's not about his politics in Rosemead, it's about Wal-Mart.

The fact is, it's about both. Wal-Mart was what motivated a lot of the folks who have been active in SOC. But others have joined us because they're concerned about the direction [or lack of direction] of the city of Rosemead.

Similarly, while many of our recall petition signers were concerned about Wal-Mart, others were more receptive to issues concerning the cleanliness of the city, Sheriff's Department response times and responsiveness to our city's residents, the lack of parks, the condition of our roads, and the like.