Silver Star Awardee, Wilbur N. Carmichael

Wilbur N. Carmichael's tombstone
One of many veterans from several wars who are buried in Savannah Cemetery, I came across the headstone of Wilbur N. Carmichael yesterday.

Based on the date of his death (two days prior to D-Day) and his branch of service (Army), I suspected he died in Italy. A google search revealed this to be true. It also revealed that this was a replacement headstone, paid for by M.C. Gill Corp. The original apparently sunk into the ground.

One thing I'm not sure about is the spelling of the last name. The headstone spells it "Carmicheal." However, "Carmichael" is a much more common name. Also, the google hits only happen when it is spelled "Carmichael," not "Carmicheal." And, finally, when you search the findagrave listing, only Carmichael returns any hits.

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