Superfund to the Rescue. Eventually

The EPA reported yesterday that it had reached an agreement with twelve companies that contributed hazardous waste to the Operating Industries, Inc. (OII) landfill in Monterey Park/Montebello. The companies (including Halliburton and Princess Cruises) will collectively contribute $3.87 million towards the cleanup. The total dollars spent or committed for the site cleanup so far exceeds $600 million, so the current bunch of settlees were probably relatively minor contributors to the overall hazardous waste issue at OII.

The OII site was listed on Superfund's National Priorities List in May 1986.

24 years later

It took only 24 years after it was declared a superfund site.

It was a smelly mess in the 1970s, too. I remember there were days when the dump smelled. You could barely stand to breathe on days like that.

I remember smelling it when I

I remember smelling it when I was growing up in SSG, too. Probably smelled a lot worse than the poultry store.