SGV News at Risk

Whether you like the SGVN papers or not, it's always sad to see the continued decline of newspapers, and Dean Singleton, owner of the SGVN, is facing bankruptcy.

Ron Kaye at the LA Progressive writes about this.

The demand for news hasn't declined, but ad revenues have. The problem we're facing is paying the writers and researchers to produce the news. Contrary to what "crowdsourcers" say, it takes a lot of work to be a professional journalist. This has to be figured out.

Bankruptcy ain't what it used to be

People think of bankruptcy as going out of business, but most firms just "reorganize." Bad if you're a creditor to the firm, but not much difference if you're a consumer.

The LA Times used to have real regional editions. When you go back and read those regional news stories, they are far superior to what you see in the current SGVN papers. Given the horrible bias and "pay to play" terms the SGVN uses, I'd prefer to see them taken over by the Tribune group or an LA-based organization.


The LAT regional editions were cool. I remember the Bob Bracamontes column. He has a blog out there now.

The Times stoppped that project because it didn't pay off. It was a money loser.