Rosemead Lunar New Year Celebration, or "What if they had a party, and nobody came?"

It looks like the city of Rosemead is going to try to find the answer to that question. You see, you may not be aware that Rosemead has scheduled a Lunar New Year celebration for Saturday, January 23 in Rosemead Park(with January 30 as the rain date, which they may need to use).

Normally, when the city wants to get the word out about an event like this, there are a few basic steps they take. First, they usually get a couple of big banners to hang over Valley Blvd and Garvey Ave. That literally raises the visibility of upcoming events, because people stuck in traffic and nothing better to do will see the banner and be reminded of an upcoming event.

As of today, there are no banners over Garvey or Valley.

The city also usually puts up banners in city parks. For example, before Christmas, they had big banners in parks, announcing when Santa was going to visit Rosemead.

As of today, there are no banners in Rosemead or Garvey Park.

The city has the large sign in front of Rosemead Pool, on which they usually announce events coming to Rosemead Park.

As of today, that sign is empty.

The city usually distributes flyers to area school districts, so students can be sent home with flyers announcing the upcoming family festival.

As of today, no flyers have been sent home to area students.

One might even get the idea that the city of Rosemead doesn't want anyone to know they're putting on a Lunar New Year family festival. But that doesn't make any sense, does it?