Rosemead Liars? I'm shocked. SHOCKED!

Goody's in San Gabriel

Goody's restaurant on Las Tunas in San Gabriel recently closed. Priders blamed it on a "horrible rent increase." [see second letter]. However, today, the landlord responds.

Wow, amazing: Rosemead PRIDERS, getting facts wrong? Who would have thought?

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Rent Increases in THIS Market?

Got to be kidding no? With unemployment so high, commercial spaces are staying vacant.

The SGV has been relatively insulated from the mess, thanks in part to this bubble economy in China. Let's hope the government there deflates it a little bit, so it doesn't crash.

The landlord's letter said it

The landlord's letter said it was a five percent increase last year, the first in ten years. That's not horrible.

I didn't go there often, but when I did, it was relatively empty (definitely empty compared to the old Norm's on Valley). Not surprising the guy would want to more to a smaller location.