Rosemead: City Next to a City With a Mission

San Gabriel has its Mission District, and a nice "Old Town" area with an historic walking tour.

Do a google image search for San Gabriel and you get plenty of hits for images like this one, from Congressman Adam Schiff's website:
San Gabriel Mission

Do a google image search for Rosemead, and here's the kinds of images that are associated with Rosemead:

Rosemead Sign

Doubletree Rosemead

Rosemead Blvd

Rosemead Tree

The funny part about that last picture is that I'm actually partially responsible for the last one. Although the original poster filed it in her "crimes against trees," section, it's actually not a tree, at all. It's a cell phone tower, in disguise. We approved several of these "monopine" towers, disguised as Italian Cedars.

[Edit--the picture of the cell phone tower doesn't always load--if not, follow the link above and you'll see the pictures]

It's just sad that a cell phone tower is one of the top images of Rosemead on line. Other top images are of a sign and a slogan, of the Doubletree Hotel (which most people probably don't even know is in Rosemead) and a part of Rosemead Blvd that isn't even in Rosemead.

Sad, sad, sad, sad.

Photo credits: San Gabriel Mission photo from the website of Congressman Adam Schiff; Rosemead photos from the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce,,, and, in that order.