Gil Cedillo looks for greener pastures

Unsuccessful congressional candidate Gil Cedillo is still looking for his next job. In the short term, it looks like he's willing to settle for a "demotion," to the state assembly.

Seems like a weird race, since he'd be limited to just the one additional term. In two years, he'd have to go fishing for another office. He'd also have to defeat a sitting assemblymember in a Democratic primary, which is usually a tough race to win.

On the plus side (from Cedillo's perspective), he'd be taking on an assemblyman (John Perez) who support Judy Chu in her Congressional race. (This probably also means that Sen. Gloria Romero would back Cedillo's candidacy, too). Also, his current senate district overlaps much of the prospective assembly district he would seek. On the negative side, this race wouldn't make him any friends among the current speaker and her allies, as Speaker Karen Bass is backing Perez as her successor. Cedillo also make enemies among the LGBT community, which is also backing Perez and is an influential block among Democratic party activists.

Good ole Gil Cedillo

You gotta wonder if he has a future in Democratic politics. I'd think that even a lot of people who supported him against Chu would need to think twice about backing him against another Latino.

More on the Cedillo, Perez, and De Leon

In today's LA Times more details of the jocking to be either the next speaker of the assembly or the next occupant of Gil Cedillo's or John Perez's legislative seats.

John Perez Elected Assembly Speaker

Widely reported a few days ago, John Perez has won the support of the Democratic caucus in the state assembly and should soon be ratified as the next speaker of the assembly. He'll probably take over as speaker early next year.