Condos in SSG Bottoming Out?

Condos along Neil Armstrong and townhouses along Firvale seem to be really affordable now. They are going for around $250k for a larger one, and $180k for a smaller one. With a 30 year mortgage, the payments are not much more than rent. They also send kids to Potrero Heights, which has generally had decent scores. Last I saw on greatschools, it was 7. In years past, it's been 10s. Not sure what's up with that... but I think they can make a comeback.

It looks like these units were being sold for over $300k during the bubble, with mortgages being given to folks making not enough money to afford them. The irony or screwed up part of it is, now, someone making under $50k a year can afford one.

Of course, if unemployment continues, or wages drop, the bottom will be lower.

That is sounding pretty

That is sounding pretty affordable. You're getting the prices from a website?