Let's get talking....

Let's get talking about next steps.

The City Council tried to knock us down and blow us away.

The media didn't grasp what was happening, and implied that the project was rescinded. Wrongo. The council decision allegedly opens the door for unregulated development.


The lawyers at Wal-Mart think they've found a loophole. They asserted this three times at the City Council meeting. They said (I paraphrase) "rescind the development agrement, and without that barrier, let Wal-Mart proceed."

Well, that might be the case. Then again, it might not be the case. Should we contest this, and let a judge decide?

It sounds like Wal-Mart just didn't want to put the issue on the ballot. They want to fight it in court, where money is more important than votes.

Now, they're trying push development forward ASAP. There's a CEQA lawsuit going on, so, they cannot break ground. If they do, it's against the law.

But, in the same way they asserted questionable things at the City Council meeting, their actions at the site are just their way of staking their claim. When a bully asserts that something is theirs, when it clearly isn't. "That belongs to me," he says. "This land is ours," Wal-Mart says, even though it hasn't cleared escrow, and it cannot be dug up until the lawsuits are done.