Latest News

As some of you have read in the news, several people have criticized Fr. Mike of St. Anthony's for opposing Wal-Mart. If you are also opposed to Wal-Mart, and appreciate the support he has given us, it would be a most gracious act to write a note of thanks.

The next meeting will be on the 18th. Normally we would have one on the 11th, but there's a planning meeting being called and I (johnk) am not sure if it's an open or closed meeting.

The 25th is Thanksgiving, and there should be no meeting on that day.

Until we get the signature count results, there's really nothing we can do except prepare for the campaign to get out the vote. We should get the results soon.

Speaking of votes, Wal-Mart contributed heavily to the No on 72 campaign that would force them to pay significantly for their worker's health care. The initiative did not pass (though, there may be enough provisional votes to pass it).

Also, our story was on Life and Times on KCET. (I thought it was biased against us, but, I'm sure I am biased myself.) There will be another Wal-Mart program on next week, on Frontline, on KCET.

Finally, I am hoping to move the website to an upgraded version of this software, called CivicSpace. I hope it goes okay.