THANK YOU (Kind of Bummed Out)

I'm kind of bummed out, because this website is pretty dead, except for my little rants and writings. There are scores of people making this fight happen. I can't name all the people involved, but, here goes: Marlene, David, David, David, Minnie, Estelle, Richard, Jim, Edward, Rose Marie, Larry, Mary, Jane, Lydia, Ving, Helen, Marie, Velia, Jean, John, June, Ron, Jerry, Lucy, Martha, Peggy, Alan, Yuki, Lori, Mabel, Fr. Mike, Alice, Juan, Fr. Ralph, Jose, Artie, Joe, Linda, Carmen, Mike, Gertie, Mary, Grace, Lynda, John, Henry, Anonymous, Anonymous. There are also at least a couple dozen more people at the church whom I don't know, another couple dozen who have gone to meetings who I haven't met, and at least as many as I forgot to include. Rosa for putting up with the stress. All the spouses who have been so supportive. The kids who got registered to support.

If you have someone to thank, you can say so in a comment, your own blog, or a forum posting. Don't let good deeds go unrecognized. Gratitude is contagious.