Sign the Petition on Monday and Tuesday Night

We'll have petition gatherers at the condos at Rush and Delta, in the Public Room, from 5PM to 9PM, on Monday and Tuesday night.

Please, bring your neighbors who haven't had a chance to sign the petition. It's critical that every person supporting a referendum get their signature down.

If you have signed the "old" petition from a month ago, but haven't signed the "new" one yet, you need to sign the new petition. The old petition only recorded our opposition to the project, and had no legal weight. The City Council didn't really take this protest seriously. That's why we have a new petition, which is a legal petition to put the Wal-Mart issue to a vote of the people.

Wal-Mart is worried; they are spreading rumors and "spin" about SOC and the petitions. They know there's a lot of opposition. (In other cities, Wal-Mart paid big money to put themselves on the ballot. In Rosemead, they are doing everything they can to keep it off.)

BUT, in order to make the biggest impact, we need as many signatures as possible, to assure that it gets on the ballot. Then, the people can decide. Signing the petition is a way to say "the voters know how to make decisions about the city."

So get your neighbors and friends down to sign it!

THANK YOU to all the people who signed at St. Anthony's.