Planning Commission meeting Monday, March 3rd!

The Planning Commission has three Public Hearings scheduled for this meeting.  The first is for a two-story addition to a single-family residence at 2440 Pine St in the R-2 zone in southern Rosemead.  Also, there is a request for an extension on a plan to subdivide the single parcel at 8646 Grand Ave (R-1 zone in northwestern Rosemead) into five single-family residential lots.  Lastly, there has been a request submitted by T-Mobile to install a 50-foot Monocypress tree with eight attached antennas at 7839 Emerson Place (R-2, in southwestern Rosemead).  Staff has requested tabling this one, so it may not be discussed unless someone shows up wanting to.
Lastly, the Commission will be hearing public comments on any of the above (or other concerns), and may be briefly discussing the Valley Vision Plan noted below.
I will only be in the audience for this one, but I hope to see you there.