"He ran into my knive. . . Over, and over, and over!"

That's a paraphrase from the musical, "Chicago."  I thought it was kind of funny and appropriate because I read a letter signed by Martha Wagner in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune this morning.  She was doing her usual Tran-bashing.

I have nothing against the Tribune publishing her letter.  But why do they keep publishing the same letter, over and over and over?

Search their website.  Type in "Wagner Rosemead Tran" (without the quote marks).  It turns up four times.  FOUR TIMES!!!!

The letter was last uploaded to their website on January 15.  It was also uploaded on January 2 and December 27 (twice).  I'm sure it's appeared in print in the Tribune at least once before.

Is it any wonder why we think the Tribune's got a bias against our mayor?