Twenty Four Hours

Thanks to everyone who came on Monday to support us, especially those who spoke up. You're all heroes! It's not over yet: the City Council meeting is coming up. See you there!

The Wal-Mart proposal was approved by the Planning Commission with a modification: the grocery store would be open 24 hours a day. This is a reversal of their statement at the County presentation where the City said they'd work to mitigate that aspect of the project. Wal-Mart said "no way" to restricted hours, and the commission changed their position quickly.

The anti-Wal-Mart speakers outnumbered the pro-Wal-Mart speakers by around three-to-one, and composed around 2/3 of the seated audience, which was reported to be approximately 500 people. (More accurate counts are appreciated.)

The Planning Commission and die-hards in the audience patiently listened past 2:00 a.m. to over fifty people speak out against and for Wal-Mart. As the Planning Commission deliberated, they didn't mention the issues raised by the protesters; they focused on the issue of going 24 hours. There was no debate about the 24 hours, but there was a request for clarification about whether the store would start out 24 hours, or would become 24 hours when groceries were added. The latter was chosen, and the proposal passed unanimously.

Members of SOC and others walked out, disgusted.