In Defense of Chinese Malls

This is another article that's not an SOC opinion, by a long shot. (These blog entries I write are not SOC, they're me.)

There were people on both sides at the Planning Commission hearing night who expressed some, let's say, distate, for Asian malls. On the PRIDE side, one person griped about the old Ole's site and having to smell food, another made some veiled remarks about how there were no protests as businesses like Ole's, Target, and Builder's Square became converted into Asian malls. I don't think anyone in SOC said anything about them, but privately, there are some who don't find them that inviting.

I go to these stores. I don't know their language -- I come from a different culture -- but I like the food. I try to adapt. But, my story is beside the point.

There are two simple things operating with these malls. First, they make a lot of money for the cities. I heard that the San Gabriel Super Center generates more taxes than the Target did, because there are more stores now. Second, they serve the population, and draw in customers from other areas that don't have the stores.

They're structured in ways that seem to make more money for the smaller tenants. I remeber when Gemco operated at that site: the small businesses right on the corner were not that busy. Today, they are busy, and there are more small shops in the mall. There are small shops within the store too.

I see this as a good thing.

(This isn't to say I don't miss Gemco. I almost cried when it shut down. I was even upset when they got rid of their "departments".)