The Fight continues this Saturday and Tuesday

Yeah, yeah, we know.  Yet another judge bought the Wal-Mart - Imperial line.  And we know they'll be looking to rub it in on Tuesday.  Let's rain on their parade a little, shall we?

First, let's all go to Polly & Victor's fundraiser this Saturday night.  Their campaign isn't over and neither is ours, so let's turn out, celebrate our efforts so far, and prepare for the next stage.

Then on Tuesday, please come to the 8:00 City Council meeting, and let's all give Jay a roomful of angry people to show our "appreciation" for his recent efforts.  They think they've won, so it's important to send them a clear and immediate message that that isn't even close to true.  A great start would be a strong show of force on Tuesday.  We want to let them know that this isn't over, and it won't be over until Jay and Gary are off Rosemead's payroll, and Wal-Mart is out of Rosemead.