710 Day

Coming up tomorrow, July 10th (7/10), the City of Alhambra is hosting "710 Day in Alhambra," a street festival to increase awareness of air quality and other issues facing the region due to the still-incomplete freeway. It will include information about the current SR710 tunnel proposal to close the 5-mile gap between the northbound stopping point at Valley in Alhambra and the southbound stub coming off the 210-134 interchange in Pasadena. The festival, which also includes kids' games, food trucks and live entertainment, is set to run from 11 AM - 2 PM on Fremont at Valley Blvd. More details here: http://www.cityofrosemead.org/index.aspx?page=12&recordid=3112

(I know this is an Alhambra event, but the incomplete SR710 creates traffic impacts at least as far east as Rosemead and Temple City Blvds., so it definitely affects us, even if we never go to Alhambra. Regional public support can help get it done.)