Garvey School District refuses to discuss bringing back laid off teachers

The Garvey Education Association wants to bring back some of the 32 remaining laid off teachers. They went to the table on Monday May 21st agreeing to concessions in order to save the jobs of some of the laid off teachers.

The District finally responded on June 1st, after cancelling a meeting scheduled for May 29th. This meant there would be no more Board Meetings before the end of the school year subsequent to the meeting.

The District stated that the rescission of RIF Notices was a management prerogative. They also stated they (The District) were not inclined to make the rescission of RIF notices part of negotiations. This was contrary to prior statements.

The District is not obligated to discuss layoffs with GEA, but they said they would discuss rescission of layoffs if GEA was willing to make concessions.

GEA offered to make concessions, but the District refused to discuss layoffs.

The Garvey Education Association (GEA) has been slammed on this site for not trying to save jobs.

GEA wants to bring back teachers, and is willing to give concessions to do so, but the District stalls again and again and has now changed its mind and will not discuss Reductions in Force.