Am I Inconsistent? You call it!

I've been condemned over the past months for "switching sides", "going to the Darkside for political favors". Well, here's the truth:
Three years ago, I felt as I do now that WalMart was the WORST example of American commercialism and cut throat marketing, but I was a minority of one on the council. Therefore, I worked to mitigate the planned building and business as much as I could. Many of my oldest Friends in Rosemead (now senior citizens) pleaded with me to help get the walMart . . ."for them". I committrd ONLY to not publicly be against the project, stating every time that I was philosophically opposed to it. Well, that wasn't enough for the pro-WalMart zealots. First, they sent out a scurrilous letter- approved by Mr. Imperial - condemning my endorsement of Mr. Nunez , whom I have known for thirty years, and Mr. Tran, whom I have worked with for three years, and my "flip-flop" vote on a school district resolution against the WalMart project - this after I ABSTAINED on the vote!!!!
Next the WalMart forces blatantly punished the 6,000 kids in our school district be giving over $65,000 to "local youth service agencies" but not one penny to the schools closest to the project area!!! They compounded this deceit by publicly claiming that they had sent our district application forms - A BLANTANT LIE!!! So you see, it was Darth Walmart and their minion, Mr. Imperial, who drew the line in the sand. Gladly, I stepped over from the "Dark Side" into the light of truth!
Bob Bruesch