Rosemead Residents Fight WalMart Plans

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Rosemead Residents Fight WalMart Plans

December 9, 2002

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, a general circulation California newspaper, published, on December 9, 2002, an excellent synopsis of one of Wal*Marts latest plans to ruin a perfectly good neighborhood -- and of local residents organized opposition to it. The article is, generally speaking, quite accurate.

Wal*Mart was moving, full-speed ahead, to push this project through the city council without much publicity or public notice. However, local residents got wind of it, organized themselves, researched what was happening, got the word out and petitioned local residents to oppose the project, and then packed two consecutive city council meetings with standing-room only opposition to the proposal.

The city council was both surprised and overwhelmed at the intensity and strength of the opposition to the plopping down, in the middle of a residential community, of a Wal*Mart.

The article sums up where the coming battle now stands. Please click on the hyperlink to read the article:,1413,205%257E12220%257E1039609,00.html
(The article is lost to the past.)

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John Brady


The issue was an extension of Redevelopment Area 1, which covers the proposed store site, down to the area near Charley Brown's restaruant, around half a mile away. To achieve this, they were going to create a narrow "path" for the area to snake down to the site. The goal was to give Wal-Mart a sign on that property, and to pay for it, for Wal-Mart. People were livid, and fought this fat giveaway.