Walmart: The Magic Ghetto Machine

Hi, I'm a homeowner here in Rosemead just like you and I've just attended the April 12th meeting at our city hall. For all of you that missed it, here's the gist of what went down:

*Councilman Tran kicked ass once again! In the face of the faithless opposition he was brave, dedicated and unwavering in voicing our community's concerns. He, along with Councilman Nunez voted for the wonderful moratorium that would have stopped the development of The Big Machine that is Walmart.

*Councilmembers Imperial, Taylor and Clark dutifully killed our hopes by voting AGAINST the moratorium. The Evil Three were obviously satisfied with the Walmart kickbacks they've been cashing in. I challenge them to disclose their questionable campaign financing, their business dealings and their personal spending habits.

*I was shocked and ashamed to have witnessed our mayor behave like a character straight out of Jerry Springer! Even the lawyers and media on hand dropped their jaws as our "esteemed" mayor made a circus show of himself and the Rosemead city council as he hurled insult after insult at the audience and speakers who happened to not share his views. He grossly misused his authority as he shot down our neighbors as they voiced their concerns about the secretive asbestos Walmart issue. His desperate and vulgar attempts to hush down concerns about this DEADLY cancer-causing chemical exposes him as a man on no one's side but his own.

*There were 2 lawyers that spoke:
Lawyer #1 on behalf of the developer for Walmart conveniently didn't have any information for any of the Councilmembers. Funny how this big shot lawyer couldn't come up with any answers when the cameras are rolling. Hmph, it was disgusting how he fronted with the typical tactics commonly used by the big Corporate Machines.
Lawyer #2 on the payroll of the City of Rosemead has apparently been bought by Walmart as well. Time and again, he transparently posed roadblocks to Councilman Tran's honorable efforts to halt the destruction of our community. Our tax dollars are paying for this lawyer. Why do his shady comments only benefit the Councilmembers who take checks from Walmart? This unfair behavior demands we FIRE him.

*Where is Lawyer #3? We need A People's Lawyer! I wish I was one, I'd step up to the plate. Are any of you lawyers? Do you know of anyone who wants to help us and our families? Maybe one of the other groups out there that were successful in saving their communities can help us. Any ideas, folks? Could we start a fund? I know that I'm not the only one in this fight. Lawyers can help us. Can we find one?

With all is this madness, I did a little internet search [thank God for Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves and MSN] on this company so I could educate myself on what was happening to me. I've found that Walmart is the Magic Ghetto Machine. They care sooo much about their customers that they sell us low quality products. I bought a deep fryer from them last year for $15 bucks. Sounded like a good deal, right? Yeah, it did for the 2 months that it worked. When I buy Walmart stuff, the stuff breaks in Walmart time. Oh, but don't they provide jobs? Pssshhhh...then why did they just settle a case where they were hiring illegal workers all over the United States of America and forcing some of their dedicated hard-working employees to take WELFARE checks to make up for the pennies that they paid them. They just don't give a damn about their customer and employees....ask their vendors [the folks that supply Walmart with the goods that they sell] how it is to do business with Walmart. In business, when one company buys products from another company, they have to pay for those products. Not with Walmart! They've schemed up an entire rulebook for their vendors which makes it difficult for them to get paid if at all for the truckloads Walmart takes and takes. And just *who* does grocery shopping at 3 AM? No one. Only the freaks come out at night. 3 AM is when the drug fiends venture out to their local 7 eleven to buy drug paraphernalia. Lighters? Yep. Butane fluid? Yep. Cigarettes to relax? Yep. 3 AM Munchies? You got it! Instead of 7 eleven, hordes of these criminals will flock from south el monte, montebello, pico rivera and East LA for their late night binges. Sucks for us that these addicts need a part time gig to support their habit: ROBBERIES. As they cruise by your lovely home on they way to Rosemead 24 Hour Walmart Super Center, they might deem it their next target.

This big mess boils down to loyalties. We need to protect the integrity of democracy: By the people, of the people, for the people. This disgusting misuse of power is really disturbing because it has nothing do with us, the people, and everything to do with big money corporations giving big money to big money politicians. I love our city and I'm dedicated to protecting it from these power mongers. Who do you think their daddy is? Walmart, that's who. I call for a complete accounting of their so-called campaign expeditures and an audit of their personal income. I'm sick and tired of Big Business taking advantage of our families and buying off these poliTRICKing puppets! For the sake of your children, bring out the RECALL petitions NOW. Let's not waste another day. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I won't sit back and watch them turn our neighborhood into another ghetto.


1. Watch this website closely for further instructions.
2. Get your neighbors involved. They'll thank you for saving our property values, keeping the graffiti out of our neighborhood, and the crime that ALWAYS accompanies a Walmart project. Folks, we don't even have our own police department to protect us from the drug addicts that make their 3 AM runs to our 24 HOUR Walmart for drug paraphernalia and their robber friends that will target your home. We're already a victim of paid-off politicians. I don't want to be a victim of any more crimes.
3. Time is of the essence. We have to act now before the construction machines invade our neighborhood! Walmart is notorious for being extremely swift in their development. We have to beat them to it! Your home, your friendly neighborhood small business, your children and their schools are counting on you to act now!
4. Start a fund so we can have our own lawyer to combat their evil counsel.
5. Start the recall process now!
6. Participate! Join us, we're you're neighbors! We've got a lot more in common than ZIP codes. =)