Laughing for no apparent reason

Well, if you've known me for a while, you probably know I often start laughing for no apparent reason. Why is that? Well, either as a symptom of ADD or of my naturally quick wit [and, yes, I'm laughing right now!], I often find connections and similarities between things I'm observing at a given moment and things I have read or seen in the distant past. So, for example, when I heard that the city council's deliberation on Planning Commission appointments began with a statement that they "want to make a completely fresh start," I couldn't help but think of this: LBJ and RFK clip (It's a nine minute clip on YouTube, but the part I thought about is at the very start).

So, sorry, Daniel! Sorry Alan!

And, yes, I realize I'm no Jack Kennedy and I'm no Robert Kennedy. It's just what I thought of when I heard about deliberations.