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Crime in the City (of Rosemead) Wed 04/15 Public Safety Meeting

Please come to this meeting if you can. Even with the recent crime reduction trend, burglary numbers have been stubbornly resistant to reduction. This should be a very interesting, enlightening and sobering experience.
Anatomy of a Crime

A hatchet job on a hatchet job rebuttal

Well, it took them about a month to get around to it, but the Trib finally published a rebuttal to the Sharon Esquivel-signed hatchet job on our 4th of July parade and John Tran.  And as if to underscore their reluctance to publish an opposing viewpoint, they chopped it up, removing several points, as well as the direct reference to the letter in question, the latter of which no doubt left numerous readers a little confused as to what exactly we were responding to.

Yes, "we."  There were two other people who helped write that letter; their names were among the things removed by the editors.

Here is the original Sharon Esquivel-signed letter, as published around August 30th:

Big Rally This Saturday!

This Saturday, February 25th, we will be hosting a big rally at Rice Elementary School starting at 10:00 AM.  Rice is on the corner of Angelus and Rush, directly across from the Wal-Mart construction site, and stands to be very negatively impacted if the Supercenter opens.  So this Saturday, we're getting everyone out to protest - with our voices, signs and skits - all the