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Mixed use in San Gabriel

I've got a bachelor's degree in economics, which may help explain why I am sometimes conflicted over matters of property and development rights, and when people want something for "nothing." That's why I was not very emphathetic with the folks out in Mount Washington who want to "save" the Southwest Museum by making someone

Vincent Lugo Park Update

The area of Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel called La Laguna is on the road to be designated as an historic resource.

SGHS E-Waste Event

San Gabriel High School's Parent-Teacher-Student Association is holding an e-waste drive/fundraiser. I've attached their press release (in .pdf format). It lists the sorts of e-waste they can accept. The PTSA gets a small cut of the proceeds from the materials collected at this event (that's what makes it a fund raiser).

Fresh and Easy, and a Driving Story

Fresh and Easy opened in Alhambra recently. It's at 2121 W Main, which is across the street from Target and about 1/2 mile east of Fremont and west of Atlantic.

De Facto Park and Ride Lot, Del Mar and Valley in San Gabriel

You may recall that the venerable Norm's Restaurant at Del Mar and Valley shut down a few months back.  For a while, their parking lot was empty.  But over the past few weeks the lot has been filling up pretty much every weekday morning.  It's clear that commuters are using the lot as a de facto park and ride.  It makes sense, since the existing lot at Del Mar and Norwood is usually full well b

Recent Announcements

Two items from the office of Assemblyman Mike Eng:

1. The "There ought to be a law" contest ends on Friday, December 5. All members of the California State legislature participate in this annual program. Submit your ideas for new or amended laws.

Restaurants, Recently Arrived or Coming Soon

In San Gabriel:  I don't know if it was a grand opening, there must have been free food or free drinks or something else going on, but there were about fifty people lined up outside of a Tapioca Express, at the corner of Las Tunas and Mission.