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Five Years Ago Today

I was walking back to my home this evening when I passed near a group of about six adults, gathered near a tree on Gladys Avenue, just south of Wells. From a distance, I couldn't tell what they were up to. From up closer, I could see what it was.

A sign of things to come

There must be state or federal dollars available to replace street signs, because I've noticed new signs in several area cities.

Compare the new San Gabriel signs with the new Rosemead signs:

San Bernardino Fwy Ramp Closures

Wondering why these signs are popping up all over the valley? They're being placed in advance of a major Caltrans construction project along the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10), between the 710 and 605 freeways. Extended ramp closures in both directions will be occuring for the next six months or so.

Eastbound ramp closures:

Guy Rose

Guy Rose, born in San Gabriel, of the wealthy family from which the name Rosemead was derived, is discussed in a good article by Hidden Los Angeles.

San Gabriel Mission by Guy Rose, 1914

Reminder: SGHS E-Waste Event, March 6-7

Reminder, since the original post has dropped off the front page.

Bring your old televisions to SGHS this weekend and help support our local high school. A copy of the flyer is attached to the original post, linked above.

San Gabriel Blvd Streetscape Plan

Meeting scheduled for 6:30pm - 8:00pm on Wednesday, March 3 at the San Gabriel library. More information here.

Rosemead: City Next to a City With a Mission

San Gabriel has its Mission District, and a nice "Old Town" area with an historic walking tour.

Do a google image search for San Gabriel and you get plenty of hits for images like this one, from Congressman Adam Schiff's website: