San Gabriel News

Kidnapping Drama

This story has been developing over the past week. As I recall, the kidnapping of a Monterey Park woman started in Arcadia. She was dumped for dead in the high desert, and the kidnapper attempted to pick up the ransom in the parking lot of the Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel (corner of Del Mar and Valley).

Sign me up!

The city of San Gabriel (like the city of Rosemead) is replacing its street signs to meet federal visibility standards. Turns out someone in San Gabriel came up with a nifty idea--They're going to sell off the old signs for $35 a pop.

Polluted Beaches

The SGV Tribune seems to be opposed to cleaning up our beaches. That's somewhat typical of their provincial approach to policy.

Perhaps reading this story from a few years ago will remind them why cleaning up our storm water runoff matters.

Gloria Molina left me holding the bag!

I guess if you're termed out and unopposed in your election, you get to spend your money on things that will help raise your visibility for a possible future run for office. Supervisor Gloria Molina just sent me (and probably everyone else in the district) a reusable shopping bag.

Free Art and Culture

So you want to visit a museum, but you're too cheap to pay for it? Lucky for you, there are ways around paying. Here's a link to a .pdf document on the Norton Simon Museum's website that lists free days for most area museums. Enjoy!

Fight Club

fight club
Los Angeles Times story today about a fight club in South San Gabriel. Apparently, the losers were banished to McDonald's.

Another Anti-Asian Food Controversy

SF Gate reports on a new law that would ban the importation of live frogs and turtles. It seems to target food stores but not pet stores.

I suspect that some people just don't like the idea of people buying live turtles and frogs, having them butchered at the store, and then eating them.

Silver Star Awardee, Wilbur N. Carmichael

Wilbur N. Carmichael's tombstone
One of many veterans from several wars who are buried in Savannah Cemetery, I came across the headstone of Wilbur N. Carmichael yesterday.