San Gabriel News

No Victim, No Crime

San Gabriel Police say they can't pursue the investigation unless the woman who argued with former mayor Huang can be located. Interesting turn of developments.

Huang Resigns

Sad but defiant, San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang resigned yesterday from both the mayorship and his city council seat.

Officially, he was concerned about how the news coverage would affect his family. He still insists he will be exonerated.

Boring Rosemead Politicians Can't Hold a Candle to San Gabriel Politicos

Boy, that headline's a monster: "San Gabriel mayor arrested for allegedly taking woman's purse, driving off as she clings to SUV." Sounds like a domestic dispute, not your garden variety purse snatching.

San Gabriel High School PTSA Yard Sale

San Gabriel High School PTSA has scheduled a community yard sale for Saturday, November 13, 9am - 2pm, at San Gabriel High School. Vendor slots are $10 if purchased by October 31. I've attached the vendor application form below.

LA Times Crime Tracker

The Los Angeles Times has been compiling LAPD and LA County Sheriff reports into an interactive map feature. It's not perfect, but it will give you an idea of what's going on in the city.

Stealing from St. Anthony's?

Signs all over San Gabriel are announcing that St. Anthony's (Church, corner of San Gabriel and Marshall, just north of the San Bernardino Freeway) is having their annual Fall Festival the second weekend in October. It's a major fundraiser for the local parish, and will feature rides, food booths, entertainment, etc.

Speaking of Natural Gas Pipelines. . . .

Front page story in the SGV Tribune today about the large natural gas pipeline that cuts through a good chunk of the San Gabriel Valley. They had a number of pictures from Martha Baldwin School in Alhambra, which is surrounded on two sides by the pipeline.

City With a Mission is Still City With a Mission

I don't live in San Gabriel, but I think they made a good decision to stick with their current motto. "City With a Mission" doesn't require any explanation. But what was "History in the Making" supposed to mean?