An Open Letter to SOC Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

Those of you on our e-mail list received your weekly message from SOC yesterday.  I noted in the message that I had a longer version that I figured people probably didn't want to have stuffed into their inboxes.

But, if you feel the need for a pep talk, I've attached the longer version of my letter.

Let's turn crisis into opportunity.  Say "NO" to Wal-Mart.  Support the Recall.

The Fight continues this Saturday and Tuesday

Yeah, yeah, we know.  Yet another judge bought the Wal-Mart - Imperial line.  And we know they'll be looking to rub it in on Tuesday.  Let's rain on their parade a little, shall we?

First, let's all go to Polly & Victor's fundraiser this Saturday night.  Their campaign isn't over and neither is

Supporting Polly and Victor

Polly Low's campaign headquarters is located at 8730 Valley Blvd, just a half block west of city hall and a short block east of Walnut Grove.  Precinct walking continues on weekends, from around 10am - dark. 

Victor Ruiz is running his campaign out of 9703 Olney St.

Any time you can spare to help bring change to Rosemead would be appreciated.

If you'd like me to forward a message to either of these candidates, send me an e-mail at

More articles in local papers

Article about Jim Flournoy's work on the earthquake fault issue:

Cached version at:


An older story, but I love that quote from Sam Yue:  "There are no changes to our preparations.  We are going to assume the worst and continue our campaign."  As I said a few weeks ago, it really says something about your candidate when "the worst" would be to have to stand before the voters in an election.  So much better to play duck and cover, eh?

Protesting Wal-Mart's Alcoholic Beverage License--Comments Due by January 5, 2006

Wal-Mart has applied for a 24-hour liquor license for its yet-to-begin-construction, not-supposed-to-be-a-24-hour-store. Although we certainly hope the disposition of this liquor license becomes a moot point [because the store will never be built], you may wish to protest this liquor application. If so, here are some bases for protesting:

[With minor editing, this material copied from]

Rosemead Commercial Retail Center Revised Final EIR

The Final Revised EIR was released by Applied Planning this morning. It can be obtained from their website, As of this afternoon, the Final EIR is not at the Rosemead Public Library, the Rosemead Planning Commission (who should have copies for sale) is on the east coast, and the city clerk doesn't know where they are. Mayor Imperial is running the City.

The Revised Final EIR is 334 pages. 277 pages of this EIR is Comments and Responses. All 31 comments were challenged, actually they had an excuse for each one. Well, happy reading.

Internal Memo about Walmart Benefits


Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

In an old store on the town square in Bentonville, Ark., sits a wooden desk that changed the world.

It once belonged to Sam Walton, humble furniture from which he gave birth to what is now a retailing empire with $285 billion a year in sales.

The trip from Walton's original store to Wal-Mart's world headquarters is a few minutes. The journey from Walton's desk to the internal memo about Wal-Mart benefits that surfaced last week is far longer.

Letters to the Editor, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Who's writing the letters for the pro-Wal-Mart side? Maybe it's one person.